Friday, June 03, 2005


Major progress

Wow, what can one good friend do for another? Create a contest to lose weight and have everyone sign up on it. What an experience so far. Having been a wrestler in my younger years, I definatley know how to lose weight. It is just over the years I have not really wanted to, so what, I was hungry. I had gotten to the point that I could no longer do everything had enjoyed when I was younger; mountain biking, running, exersize, working, touching my toes, standing up from a sitting postion ha. I thought I was just getting old (47 is getting up there). Well it turns out I was just fat.

Alittle over a year ago I decided it was time to lose some weight. I went on a low carb diet and for the first month did not do any exersize. It would have been difficult at 285lbs. So I just dieted for the first month. I lost about 15 lbs and the second month, started riding my bike. I had not been able to run as my flat feet had gone even flatter and the pain was not worth it. So I thought if I could bike, I could get the same cardio work out and posibly not be in such pain. It turns out biking did not hurt my feet, so I was off and running, well biking anyway.

Over the next 6 months I lost about 60lbs. I felt great. I was able to work with out fatigue and enjoy many of the things I had not been able to do for years. Like I said, it turns out I was just fat. Almost a year later Race to a Waist and the Super Shrink Me concept was born. Jeff thought I ought to sign up. While I figured I had no chance at winning as I had already lost alot of weight, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get off some of the remaining pounds I still had. I got 3 of the fattest friends I knew and we became a team for the next 30 days. I weighed in at 235 to my surpise I had gained back about 10lbs.

With exersize, biking (both mountain and road), arobic conditioning, and going back to a low carb, low calorie diet, I lost 14.6 lbs my first week. A great start. The second week was a disappointment with only 1 pound lost. The third week, 7 lbs. A renewed effort in two a day exerisizing and less food I lost 6 the forth week. For a total of 28.6 lbs. Not bad for a month effort. I finished the first month at 206lbs. I have lost a total of about 80 pound since last year.

Unfortunatly my team did not make the cut of the top 8 teams. We ended up 7.2 pounds out of it. On the one had I am glad as the intensity has lifted, and I did not know how much I could contribute during the second month. While I am only 5'8" I think 195 is a pretty good weight for me. This way I will be able to take the rest off over the next month or so.

What a difference losing the weight makes. I am so pleased. I feel better, I can participate in all the things I loved as an athlete again. As an sculptor my work is very physical. It was taking its toll on me; No longer, I can work away.

I am committed to keep the weight off. My eating habits have completly changed. While I still enjoy the peanut M&M's, it is fresh veggies and fruits that really make me happy. Ride on, I am the skinny guy on the left...

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Hey baby I got the potion

...Take a sip'a this'll put you back in motion.

This is my current fuel source. I am trying to limit myself to one a day, but it makes me feel all okay inside; like working out for two hours a day and working ten to twelve hours is perfectly fine. I recommend walking to the store and drinking one right now, and you'll want to sprint home. I'm pretty sure that the herbal content, if in pill form, would be close to regulation by the FDA. Totally awesome stuff.

I'm only down 1 pound this week, but that's okay. I drank a lot of water and didn't work out before weighing in, and this is after losing 7 pounds (including shedding water weight in the sauna) last week. So I guess that's good.

I'm hoping this is all worth it, because it sure is a lot of work, being tired and cranky, and missing out on being home and seeing my wife. It's starting to take its toll on me mentally. It's depressing... maybe I should go have that Rockstar now.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Me so hungee...

I'm Brandon. I'm 25, the youngest of the team members, in the dark gray shirt above. As my first post, I think it is important to note that I am hungry. A few nights ago my wife and I were discussing the issue of hunger with some neighbors, as I can think and speak of little else. They noted that they were as hungry as I was, but I quickly corrected them. They do not know the hunger that an obese food addict on a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat diet knows. That is a very special hunger, the type of hunger so powerful that when your stomach growls, you draw stares from across the parking lot.

It has been almost four weeks since I started my diet and exercise regimen. Some people ask if I miss certain foods. I don't really run up against cravings for certain foods, just quantities. I miss lots of food. Why? I clearly remember the feeling of eating too much, and the agonizing nausea that entails. Each time I ate, I would sit down with the thought that somehow my body demanded that I "supersize it". It was not for a movie, project, or experiment on my health. I just liked to eat 2 pounds of french fries with my cheeseburgers, screw the consequences.

Between losing the convenience of fast food, new braces, and the unappealing menu of veggies & lean meat, I find myself skipping meals just so I don't have to eat foods I don't want. Strange, about a third of my waking day is devoted to the exercise part of this program, but I am so food-fixated that my attention lies mostly there.

I've been asked if it's hard to stick to the diet. No. It is hard to be on the diet, and that is completely different. Guys are wired a certain way, I think. We have a big on/off switch for decisions like this. I'm switched to Diet Mode. Cheating is not even a temptation. This has been true for the guys on all our teams. The temptation is to quit entirely, and after two weeks of losing only 3 pounds per week, I can feel myself questioning my own strength. I can't be the only one going through this right now, out of 800 contestants.

Maybe we could start a support group, "People That are Beginning to Gnaw on Their Own Arms Anonymous (PTBGTOAA)".


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